The suggested amount required amount of bundles to be purcheds for an install depends on the length style and desired fullness you would like to receive. 

Our reccomendtions but not required:

 10-16 Inch would require 2 bundles

16-20 Inch would require 2-3 bundles

18-30 Inch would require 4-5 bundles

Care & Maintainace:

Sew Pretty Extensions should be shampooed and conditioned once per week or  at least every 2-3 weeks. However it is your transgression if you would like to shampoo weekly.

*Comb your Sew Pretty Extensions gently but thoroughly using a wide tooth   comb or wig brush to detangle starting at the ends working to the root.

*Shampoo your Sew Pretty Extensions with a moisturizing shampoo in a   downward motion... This shampoo should be weightless like a Dove shampoo.

*Follow up with an intense conditioner using a wide tooth comb allowing the   conditioner to set for at least 10-15 minutes  such as Dove. 

*Rinse thoroughly in luke warm water separating the extensions to make sure       remaining product has been removed from the wefts. Follow with a cool temp   rinse the last 10 seconds.

*Apply a heat protectant before thermal styling.

 Wrap hair with a silk or satin scarf before bed

Billing & Shipping:

Billing  and shipping address should be the same during the purchase and ship process. All orders will be processed through  PayPal unless using the purchasers perfered payment option. Please allow 24-48 hours for your payment to clear before shipping.  Should there be a need to change/redirect to a different address please send an email to sewprett


Returns will be accepted within 7 days of the initial order placement.  Bundles closures or frontal(s) must not be altered in any kind of way and must be returned in the original state the package was received . Buyer will be responsible  for return and shipping fees.

There are absolutely no refunds.... Exchanges only.


P.S. We Hear You're Going To Be  #SEW PRETTY&AMAZING!!